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Tack App lets users instantly bind the hard drive of their computer to cloud accounts

Tack App lets users instantly bind the hard drive of their computer to cloud accounts

16 Ottobre 2015 Redazione SoloTablet
Redazione SoloTablet
Although App Stores are full of applications, many of them just zombies and mostly useless, APP development will never end. Software companies like StoAmigo will always be able to provide consumers and business customers new products and services that focus on providing them new tools, functionalities and features. Recently StoAmigo released one new application that will enable cloud accessibility on computer hard drives and eliminates the need to upload or sync files to the cloud for anywhere-access, sharing and collaboration.

SoloTablet new initiative will provide a direct communication channel to foreign companies that work on the Mobile market and distribute consumer ad business applications globally.

The initiative is based on interviewing companies and startup working on Mobile software development and technology innovation.

Our first interview is with John Papadakis, Senior Vice President - Business Development & Sales at StoAmigo .



Question: Hello John, let’s start introducing your company to the Italian Market Can you tell something about your company history, strategies and focus?

Answer: StoAmigo is a software company. We were founded in 2012 with a focus on helping people and companies manage their digital content. What started as a media management platform quickly evolved into a cloud-centric ecosystem that gives people a single user interface to access the files stored on any of their devices. We’ve basically taken all the storage space on all of your devices and combined it into one easy-to-manage storage platform that can be accessed from anywhere. To give an example, you can store a video or a song on your tablet, but access it from your smartphone or from your desktop. You can share it with anyone you’d like from any of those devices, and stream it real-time on demand.




Question: How about market in which you present or willing to distribute your solutions?

Answer: StoAmigo has offices in the United States, Europe and Asia, providing StoAmigo with a global reach to distribute our solution worldwide. Our software caters to business and consumer clients who demand the mobility of the public cloud, but with the privacy and security you get from storing your files on your very own devices.


Question: Your main area of focus is the Cloud Computing. Your proposal is built around an ecosystem aimed to to provide a unified cloud solution that binds users’ storages into one contiguous storage, giving users powerful cloud features and availability, coupled with the privacy and security that users deserve. Could you please provide more information about it and explain why an ecosystem is needed and how do you position it against the competition?

Answer: The cloud system market gained global popularity almost overnight because people want to be mobile. They want their files, songs, videos and other digital content to be available to them anytime and anywhere. The simple solution was to just upload all your digital content to cloud servers and access them from anywhere. The problem (for both enterprise and consumer clients) arose when we found out that we no longer really had control of our files once they were on the cloud. While the upload-type cloud storage solutions address the need for “anywhere access to our files”, they fall short in providing privacy and security. And it’s no secret that hacking and spying are significant disruptions in the cloud market space, and data kept on public servers is a prime target.

StoAmigo addresses mobility by unifying your storage across all of your smart devices, letting you access your files from anywhere. We take it a step further by completely eliminating the need to upload your private files to a public server. You store, share and stream your files right from your own devices. The StoAmigo ecosystem eliminates the public server from the equation, allowing users to enjoy anywhere-access to their data, while keeping it stored safely on their own computing and smart devices. There’s no need to sacrifice mobility for privacy, or privacy for mobility.


Question: You have recently released a new application called Tack App, not an easy name for markets different than your domestic one. Is the application available in the stores for everybody or just in selected markets?

Answer: Tack App is available globally (and free) on our website at We view Tack App as a tool to help people manage their file storage and data. Like any tool, Tack App helps you get the job done quicker and more efficiently.

The name “Tack App” is derived from the word “tack” (as a verb) meaning to “to add on or attach something in a quick way”. We want the term “Tack App” to give users a visual representation that you are quickly adding or affixing the storage of your devices directly to your personal cloud.

This is a very new concept in cloud storage and digital content management. Until Tack App came along, there was one commonly accepted method for accessing and transferring files between devices and it involved uploading to cloud servers. Tack App changes the common method by streamlining the process and not involving uploading in any way. Once your storage is tacked, your file accessing extends immediately to wherever you are, giving you a globally-accessible personal cloud.




Question: Why should a customer (consumer) download it and use it? Which are the compelling reasons to buy your APP and what is in it for the consumer that does it?

Answer: Given the powerful capabilities the Tack App provides, and the fact that it’s free, should compel anyone to download it and try it. Users, both consumer and business, are constantly looking for technology to make their lives easier.

In the file and digital content management market, there are two key groups of users. The "Anywhere Access" group demands remote access to their files from anywhere they go, along with immediate connectivity. The "File Transfer" group needs powerful tools to help them manage and move significant amounts of files and folders on a regular basis. The Tack App answers each of these vital needs with a single, easy-to-use software application. The cloud market space will likely continue to change. However, these two key user groups will not. We will always have users demanding anywhere access and instant availability, and we'll always have users that need to move huge files as quickly and easily as possible.


Question: Can you explain in detail but with simple words what the application does, which are its functionalities and technical features?

Answer: Tack App can allows users to instantly make any drive or folder on their computer be cloud-accessible. Other cloud solutions require the user to upload files to a server to be able to access them from anywhere. Tack App works without any uploading involved. So the user starts the Tack App and chooses which drive or folder the Tack App will work on. As an example, many people choose their main hard drive. The files and folders of that hard drive become instantly available in their StoAmigo accounts which they can access from any device anywhere in the world. And if they don't want the files available anymore they can close the Tack App and it is gone as easily as it was available.

By not requiring files to be uploaded, not only does everything stay secure on the users' computer but it also makes the files available instantly. With other solutions a file or folder can take a very long time to upload and be available but with Tack App all the files can be accessed immediately. Also Tack App is a great way to share very large files or folders quickly. For example if you are trying to share a large movie file and you need your recipient to get it immediately you can use Tack App and share it in a matter of seconds. Tack App also comes with share permissions if you want to put restrictions on how a recipient accesses your files. There is also a way to retract a share if you no longer want the recipient to access it at all. So the consumer not only gets the benefits of secure and instant access but also control over how their files and folders get shared.



Question: Which are the strengths of Tack App and the opportunities that will generate for those who will download it?

Answer: The main strength of Tack App is how quickly it makes your files available. As a result of this, sharing large files no longer becomes a challenge. Currently users can't share large files by email and uploading to the cloud takes a long time, but now files of any size can be shared in seconds. Another strength comes in security. When you upload files to a server you have no idea who will be able to access those files. As we've seen so far, security is a problem with cloud servers. But with Tack App the files never leave a users' computer so they always have control over their files. Additionally Tack App gives the user the ability to access all their files from anywhere. Some cloud companies may offer a small amount of storage for free which means the user can only access a portion of their files, but with Tack App they'll be able to access all their files for free.


Question: In the application press release is said that Tack App will revolutionize the way users interact with the cloud. Why, how, and why is this revolution important? Is it about the security that it provides or something else?

Answer: Tack App could eliminate the need to have any cloud services. If nothing else all these cloud services that exist today will only be supplemental to your cloud need and will not be your mainstream cloud. The reality is we will always be creating files on our devices. It just makes more sense to be able to access them directly from our devices instead of having to go through the effort of moving files around to gain anywhere-access. Until now, sharing a file meant sending a copy to somewhere else like a cloud service or an email server. With Tack App, the file can sit on your computer and people can retrieve it. It will definitely change the view of how people use email to send files. Imagine the time it will save.

As another example, when people buy a smartphone they tend to pay extra for ones with large storage space to contain all their songs, pictures, and videos. With Tack App that won't be necessary anymore. Instead of keeping those files on their phones they can leave them on their computers in their home or office and use Tack App to access them from their phones. So they will not need a 64GB phone to access all their files, they can buy one with the lowest storage available and save money. So we see the Tack App as not only revolutionizing the way users interact with the cloud but also revolutionizing the way users interact with their smart devices.





Question: Is StoAmigo aiming to find Italian customers and are there any plans to enter our market?

Answer: Definitely. Our European office is tasked with marketing the service in Europe, Italy included. Tack app is a great tool for both enterprise and personal use. We already have some Italian clients and are excited at the prospect of expanding our influence in Italy. We are working on our plans to ensure that StoAmigo becomes the cloud ecosystem of choice in the Italian market. For that we are very thankful that you provided us this opportunity to address to the italian market.


Question: Do you want to add more?

Answer: The cloud has become a significant part of everyday life for both businesses and consumers. While the technology to support anywhere-access to our files has come a long way, the understanding that we all have multiple portable devices seemingly hasn’t caught the attention of the cloud market. People own many devices with different files on each of them. They need a way to keep files on separate devices but access everything from one interface without uploading their entire digital lives to the cloud. They want a simple solution that will allow them to access their entire data from any of their existing devices, without a lot of hassle. Tack App is that solution.

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to share with you about our Tack App software. We encourage you and your readers to give it a try and let us know what you think. We value any feedback we receive. If you’re looking for more information on the Tack App and how it can change the way you manage your files, please visit

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