Pix in Blox

Pix in Blox is an entertaining puzzle game in which many beautiful images are split up in blocks that move down one at a time like in Tetris. The purpose is to move the blocks so that when falling they properly reform the starting image.

There are 69 challenging images and 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal and hard. Depending on the selected level the images are respectively split into 16, 25 and 64 blocks.

During the game the mistakes made and time spent are calculated.

Challenge your friends and relatives at completing the images making the least number of errors in the shortest time possible.

Have fun with Pin In Blox!

Autore: NeaLogic

Website: http://www.nealogic.it

Categoria: Altro

Piattaforme: Apple iOS

iTunes Store: https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/pix-in-blox/id387927882?mt=8