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Beyond the Little Blue Box: The Biographical Adventures of John T Draper

Beyond the Little Blue Box: The Biographical Adventures of John T Draper

25 Febbraio 2021 Redazione SoloTablet
Redazione SoloTablet
BIBLIOTECA TECNOLOGICA - La storia di John Thomas Draper, più noto come Cap'n Crunch o Captain Crunch (Las Vegas, 11 marzo 1943), un programmatore e hacker statunitense considerato uno dei primi phreaker della storia.

Il libro Beyond the Little Blue Box di di John T. Draper (Autore), C. Wilson Fraser (Autore), Steve Wozniak (Artista) è pubblicato da FRIESENPR

Welcome to the world of John T. Draper, better known as Captain Crunch, an eccentric genius who went from being a penniless hacker to a millionaire and back again. Along the way, he developed some of the most significant tools of the computer revolution, but for every success, there have been setbacks and hurdles of literary proportion.

Featuring a foreword by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and cameos by the who's who of early computing, this Kerouacian journey gives us an inside look
at the birth of modern computing through the eyes of one of its most influential pioneers....

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